Artist Statement

The smell of heat and foreign spices fills your nose. Car horns scream in protest motorbikes buzz frantically like the mosquitos that you cant avoid. Women chatter and laugh in a musical tongue. Children scream and laugh and sing. You close your eyes and you listen to the colors that are painted by the orchestra of the unfamiliar sounds that surround you.



It’s an exploration and visual documentation of my personal experiences in this place. A physical tangible interpretation of deep love, resilience, compassion and also sadness, pain, longing…but hope. Always hope. It’s a dedication to memories. A dedication to the Haiti that has shaped me as an artist and human. The work is a picture of my surroundings, the lived in, exposed concrete structure; its unfinished yet utilized, the 10 feet of rebar that sprouts from the rooftop signifies the hope and intention to grow. It’s a picture of the dimly lit dirt floor room packed full of hard workingwomen. Their fingers work fast, and with purpose feeding colorful fabric into the old sewing machines that might give up any moment. It’s a picture of the contrast that confronts you in this climate.  The materials are carefully chosen to embody it all. Each plasma cut into steel, every glob of paint that clings to a canvas is intentional. It’s rough and imperfect. The imperfect is raw and unashamed and unapologetic and unbridled. It just is. Truth and strength lies in the imperfection; in the imperfection there is hope. And hope embodies my Haiti. Through The jagged cut edges, grandiose strokes, and carefully handled fabric, you see my heart. 

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