Hannah's most recent series, Laurel is on display through September.

located in the Domain at Nina Berenato Jewelery.

3200 Palm Way #152 Austin, TX 78758 


Artist Statement

The interlocking branches of each color thread together to create a balanced chaos that commands curiosity, & exploration.  Seemingly flat, meaningless engagements take root, blossom and thrive. The juxtaposition of the negative and positive is a visual interpretation of planted seeds, and the serendipitous bouquet they produce.

My work is all made with the same intention of allowing the material to have more control than the maker. I love to explore the action and reactions of the materials I use, with the intent of the end result being raw, organic and imperfect. For this series of work I wanted to focus on the serendipity that takes place when different colors of varying textures intermingle. I realized that these little interactions that alone seemed meaningless came together to create something strong and powerful. 

As we move through life we often don’t give much weight to the small exchanges we have with strangers.But there is power in the way we confront those momentary interactions.  Every Action gives way to a reaction, every word, every action, emotion, thought is important and has the ability to create something beautiful.

The way we address and acknowledge and confront life is precious has the ability to be powerful. Recognize appreciate acknowledge the small things they are a part of something bigger.